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Marketing & Management Agency for Rugby Heroes

Digidust Sport is an agency that represents and manages the careers of rugby coaches and players, in France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy and in the United States. 
aBout the agency
Founded in 2011, Digidust Sport is a rugby player agency located in France, UK, Ireland, Italy and the USA. We also disposing bonds with major South African teams, original country of numerous players represented by our agency.

After a fast growth, its founder Damien Dussault wished to structure and give a new dimension to the rugby player agency he created, so he invited Pierre-Olivier Carles and Stéphane Menoret, the founders of  Digidust's Digital Marketing agencyto invest in the company and join their energy to his.

Rugby changes, it's globalizing rapidly and always mediates more. Digidust Sport's ambition is to concentrate its activity exclusively on rugby, to accelerate the agency's internationalisation by opening offices markets, and to bring reputation and marketing position expertise to the players, their online presence development, and the valorization of their reputation with partners and advertisers.

Already having strong ties in South Africa, Digidust Sport has thereby opened offices in London, Toulouse, Palm Beach, Bologna and Concesio.

The agency currently represents more than 100 rugby heroes coming originally from more 12+ countries, like Morne Steyn, Gurthrö Steenkamp, Fraser Balmain, Juan Pablo Socino, Christopher Tolofua, Heinke Van der Merwe, Levi Douglas,… 

Our locations
  • Digidust Sport France
Damien Dussault
+33 6 86 43 37 78
10, rue Muratet
31200 Toulouse - France
  • Digidust Sport UK & Ireland
Marc Baldrey
+44 7877 336307
Evergreen - Rising Lane
Lapworth - West Midlands
B946HP England
  • Digidust Sport United States
Tadhg Leader
+1 (339) 309-8695
801 Northpoint Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 - United States
  • Digidust Sport Italy
Marco Martello
+39 347 2521688
Via Gandusio, 29 – 40128, Bologna. Italy
Emanuele Zobbio
+39 333 1874873
Via Santa Lucia, 30/C - 25065, Concesio (BS), Italy
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Discovering new talents and offering new opportunities for our players is the purpose of our job. Don't be shy to contact us. Every beautiful story starts with an encounter.

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