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We help outstanding rugby players build exceptional careers in teams where they can make their performances as well as their reputation thrive.
Player services
We think that a player and their agent are bonded by their performance. If one of them is failing, the other has to undergo the consequences. It is for that reason that additionally to standing by the players during important life events, we offer the best services for them to get to the highest possible level. 

Building infallible grounds

Taking a player to the highest level is helping him make good career decisions.

Every new contract that we negotiate is focused on improving the players' talents as well as advancing them to their full potential.

Developing his reputation

Define, protect, and develop a high level player's image has been in Digidust's DNA for years. Marketing strategy, social medias, company management...

Our players benefit from a proven expertise and a unique experience in both the United States and Europe

Improving his performances

Rugby is one of the most exigent sports in the world. A player cannot fully reveal its potential without an expert's intake. Physical, mental, dietetic, and biotechnology preparations...

Our players are surrounded by the best, most advanced technologies to take them to the highest level whilst keeping them healthy.

Get more opportunities

We operate in France, Great Britain, Ireland, in the United States and in Italy. Being in multiple countries increases our capacity to find a good team for every player, depending on their requirements, strategy, and qualities.

We give them more options financially and sportily. Our team can thus mobilize itself everywhere we are for one player if necessary.

We always do as much as possible so that the players can concentrate on their performances, letting them expose their talent.

There is always something happening in a rugby players agency. Please follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook page. This is where the action takes place.
Rugby players and coaches
With more then 100 players and coaches who have confided in our agency with their careers, we've established a close and fully trusted relationship with them. We are at their side when they are hurt or feel down, as well as when they win titles and expose their talent, because this is how we conceive the job of professional rugby agent. 

A few players who trust us with taking them to the highest level...

About the agency
Founded in 2011, Digidust Sport is a Marketing & Management Agency for Rugby Players and Coachs. We have offices in France, UK, Italy, Ireland and in the US, and also disposing strong bonds with major South African teams, birth country of many of the players represented by this agence.

After a quick development, its founder Damien Dussault has wished to give a new proportion to the agency by giving its key to Pierre-Olivier Carles and Stéphane Menoret, with a goal to make the agency international and to bring expertise in the players' image management , and the development of their social media and digital marketing, towards fans and advertisers.

Thereby, Digidust Sport has opened or plans to open offices in the major rugby countries around the world, to offer more career opportunities to its players, and a wide range of options to the clubs the agency works with.

Digidust Sport currently represent 100+ rugby players and coachs. We stay loyal to our core values and DNA, staying a boutique agency, focusing on speed, innovation and marketing. We strongly think you can defend players best interests while building great teams with the clubs.

We don't call the players who join the #DigidustFamily "our clients" but consider them being part of the team. 
Our Values
One Team - Integrity - Resilience - Relentless
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Discover new talent and offer new opportunities to our players is the purpose of our job. Don't be shy, contact us. Every beautiful story starts with an encounter.

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our Locations
  • Digidust Sport France
Damien Dussault
+33 6 86 43 37 78
10, rue Muratet
31200 Toulouse - France
  • Digidust Sport United Kingdom & Ireland
Marc Baldrey
+44 7877 336307
Evergreen - Rising Lane
Lapworth - West Midlands
B946HP England
  • Digidust Sport United States
Tadhg Leader
+1 (339) 309-8695
801 Northpoint Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 - United States
  • Digidust Sport Italy
Marco Martello
+39 347 2521688
Via Gandusio, 29 – 40128, Bologna. Italy
Emanuele Zobbio
+39 333 1874873
Via Santa Lucia, 30/C - 25065, Concesio (BS), Italy
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