Digidust Sport - Agence de Joueurs de Rugby

Marketing & Management Agency for Rugby Heroes

More then 100 players and coaches coming from dozens of countries offer multiple recruiting options to clubs and act as many communication opportunities.
More then 100 players have confided their careers to us. We have built a proximate and trusted relationship with them. We are at their side in all circumstances, in difficult moments just as when they are at the summit of their talent. They are professionals and we are meticulous about being just as good, whether it comes to taking important career decisions or defending their financial issues. 

Of course, it is only a selection of players and the list gets extended with every new encounter that luckily happens, around fields or by the messages we receive. Do you think you would like it with us? It is strongly possible.

Contact us and we will talk, with no engagement whatsoever. We work with our players going from a couple of years to entire careers. Knowing that we will fight together is not a money concern. It asks for trust, a mutual desire to share, and wanting to go far together.

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Discovering new talents and offering new opportunities for our players is the purpose of our job. Don't be shy to contact us. Every beautiful story starts with an encounter.
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"I'm pissed off for greatness. Because if you ain't pissed off for greatness, that means you're OK with being mediocre" Ray Lewis