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Working with associations to form more efficient teams while keeping sports and financial interests for players our main focus.
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We think a player's destiny and its agency are linked by their reciprocal performances. It is the reason why we have defined an offer of services that goes to the essentials: Taking a player to its full potential and valorize that potential towards associations, medias, sponsors, and brands.
Builing a career to realize a faultless voyage
Professional rugby has been in mutation for approximately 15 years. The game has changed in its rules and physiognomy. When spending an entire career in the same team was normal, moving - including internationally - is now normal.

Choosing a new team or staying in the same one isn't only a money matter. Is it a good change for the player depending on his objective or his age? Is he going to open up to the game project made by the coaches? Will there be enough game time for him to progress and have fun? Is it a springboard or a closet to get access to the national team? If his family comes along, will they be able to live in the changing conditions? Wouldn't it be better to negotiate an extension in the contract to settle durably in a team and become a frame?

All these questions are critical in a successful transfer, because a high level player's career is short, making a mistake on one of the steps which is 2 to 3 years is intolerable. Depending on how long the contract lasts,the occasion to cross a new palliate by joining a new team can only present itself 3 or 4 times.

Our agents know the championship teams on which Digidust Sport is present perfectly. They will recommend players and help them make the best decision, by giving them important and approved experience, acquired along the years and dozens of transfers - domestic or international - that we have taken care of.
Improving physical and technical performances
Being, with no doubt, one of the most exigent sports in the world, rugby's very high level can only be attained with physical, mental, and technical work. Every player trains hard but the ones with the most exceptional careers are the ones who never leave anything to hazard.

Improving your personal technique is essential. In defense, 56% of brain commotions are due to a lack of skills, based on a recent study. Above the health of the player, the acceleration of the game speed asks for individual technique, so that even in the toughest conditions, the last move is made.

We are surrounded by worldwide experts, usually multilingual, to discover physical improvement, mental preparation, and dietetic missions, etc... 

For every step, we try to take them even higher while keeping their health capital.

Valorizing your reputation and digital community
Rugby is a professional sport and marketing is part of an athlete's life, as his training or his diet. Wether he wants it or not, a player has a reputation. We talk about him in the newspapers, on TV, and on social networks.

This reputation is an important capital, especially when it's developed seriously on a thought up strategy base, because it can be a factor for important additional revenues and an amazing springboard.

Digidust Sport was born by a marriage between a rugby player agency and a digital agency recognized as the most experimented in Europe, in the sport business field. Digital marketing has always be in our DNA, it is now our players who pull benefits from it.

When a client calls us, we make sure the demanded benefit to the player is fair for him. We negotiate the contract terms and financial elements so that this operation is recognized for its value. Finally, we make sure that all the conditions are together so that the presentation is a success for the client as well as the players engaged.
gET Access to more opportunities around the world
Digidust Sport has offices in France, England, Italy, Ireland and in the United States, markets that we consider a priority for different reasons. We also have a strong bond with the South African ecosystem, whether it's the teams or the elite players.

If the worldwide growth of rugby is often seen as a threat, we see a fantastic opportunity for our players to live an amazing experience, sometimes getting out of their comfort zone to cross levels that they would've had a hard time to overcome by staying in the same team or country, and often valorize their level on a financial plan.

Being close to those championships, we can work closely with teams and anticipate their needs 1 or even 2 seasons early. Meanwhile, it's important for the teams to build their game plan and have a long term visibility, including out of their current contract.
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Discovering new talents and offering new opportunities for our players is the purpose of our job. Don't be shy to contact us. Every beautiful story starts with an encounter.

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